Q: Why should postmenopausal women take Hair Health Men unless diagnosed by a physician as having iron-deficiency anemia or low ferritin levels?

The Hair Health Women formula contains iron, which remedies an iron-deficiency that may be caused by menstruation or poor nutrition and dieting. Once a woman reaches menopause, the previously existing iron deficiency may be cured, and an iron supplement is no longer needed. However, many women even in menopause continue to have significant iron deficiency. Dr. Suzan Obagi recommends that patients with hair loss have their ferritin level checked. While the level may be normal for many patients (the range is usually 10-250) Dr. Obagi prefers a ferritin level over 100. It is her experience that levels below 100 are associated with significant hair loss.

If the patient taking Hair Health has normal ferritin levels, the patient should be taking Hair Health Men, as it does not contain iron. We recommend that ferritin levels be checked to ensure that the patient takes the appropriate formula.

Q: Are the Hair Health vitamin supplements recommended for patients with hormonal acne and/or hirsutism?

Yes, Dr. Suzan Obagi often treats hirsutism patients with Hair Health vitamin supplements. The ingredients included in the Hair Health vitamin supplements have wide-reaching properties that are beneficial in treating hair health, hormonal acne, hirsutism, and even nail fragility.

Q: Will those not dieting or exercising still lose weight when using Weight Health Management?

Weight Health Management may help reduce weight by helping reduce carbohydrate cravings and normalize insulin levels. However, the results are much more dramatic with a good exercise or diet or laser routine.

Q: Are there any age recommendations to consider before starting to take the vitamin supplements?

Anyone taking the vitamin supplements should be at least 18 years of age. Also, they should not be pregnant or nursing.

Q: How can the vitamin supplements be taken together? Are there any side effects when combined?

We do not recommend taking all vitamin supplements at once. Dr. Obagi recommends to use a maximum of two formulas simultaneously and to take according to their suggested dosage. There are no side effects when formulas are combined.

Q: Why is it not advisable for pregnant women to take the vitamin supplements?

All 5- alpha reductase inhibitors (whether prescription like Propecia, Spironolactone (aldactone), some birth control pills, or natural (like the vitamin 5-alpha reductase inhibitors) can have a negative hormonal affect on a baby. It is safer to stop taking the vitamin supplements if trying to get pregnant and resume after finishing breastfeeding.